What Are Dealer/Doc Fees?

What Are Dealer/Doc Fees?
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What Are Dealer Fees?

The Dealer fee, or commonly known as the Doc fee, varies from state to state. Often states will requirea maximum dealers can charge for this service. However, in its essence, the Doc fee is made to pay for the paperwork of the office clerk. The Doc fee can range from $55 to $700. Think about it, with a $500 doc fee, your monthly payment could rise to $10/mo depending on your loan terms.

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Do I Have To Pay Dealer Fees?

Watch out for Dealer fees on your final bill! These are often presented as a non-negotiable cost which dealers will say everyone has to pay and won't be brought to your attention until the signing for the vehicle.

Whether you're buying or leasing, it can be very upsetting to have done expert research on pricing to then learn about additional charges.

Don't be fooled. The Dealer or Doc fee is often where the dishonest or exploitative dealer can overcharge you, making up for any reduction in price you just worked so hard to negotiate down.

Where Can I Go That Doesn't Have Dealer Doc Fees?

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Come to Summit Ford for a truly better experience. We will provide up front pricing and we never charge Dealer OR Doc fees.

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